Adjustable Travel Stool



This Adjustable Travel Stool lets you have a comfy little seat, wherever you go! Whether you're camping, walking in the park, raving at a concert, or waiting in line at the DMV, this portable seat is always there with you, for when you need it most.Adjustable Travel Stool - JD Odds & Ends

This travel stool features a fully adjustable collapsible base, which folds down into a disk when not in use or adjusts to your desired height for a variety of applications.

Adjustable Travel Stool - JD Odds & Ends

The top part of the stool also has a neat handle strap that makes carrying your seat with you an absolute breeze. Don't let the size fool you, however, since this handy stool is capable of bearing up to 260lbs of weight on it!

Common Questions & Concerns:

Can I select how high I want this chair to be?
  • Yes, the height is completely adjustable for your convenience!
Is this chair suitable for children?
  • Absolutely! This adjustable stool is perfect for the whole family!

I'm worried that this chair is flimsy, how sturdy is it?

  • This adjustable travel stool can hold up to 260 pounds, and its made with high durability polyamide so that it can keep up with you and all your adventures. 

This chair is cool, but how easy is it to tip over?

  • Yes, this chair is pretty cool, and it's not easy at all to tip over, the cone-shape design distributes your weight evenly across the stool so that you are always safely and comfortably seated without fear of falling.


    Load Capacity: 260 lb / 120 kg
    Minimum Height: 2.75" / 7 cm
    Maximum Height: 17.7" / 45 cm
    Collapsed Size: 9.85 x 2.75" / 25 x 7 cm
    Weight: 2.8 lb / 1.25 kg

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