The Phoenix Massage Gun


Let us introduce you to the Revolutionary Phoenix Massage Gun that is helping people worldwide overcome their muscle and joint pain!


  • RELIEVES SORE MUSCLES - Utilizing innovative percussion massage therapy, this massage gun helps your muscles release built-up enzymes that cause discomfort in your body.
  • ACCELERATES MUSCLE RECOVERY - The Phoenix Massage Gun allows you to specifically target a muscle group, ensuring that your body receives the care it deserves.
  • REDUCES KNOTS AND STIFFNESS - Special heads allow you to choose which type of relief you want - tackle a nasty knot, a gentle massage or cut some stiffness.
  • MELTS AWAY STRESS -  Nothing compares to a full-body massage after a long day at work, and now you can have relaxing massages in the comfort of your home! Spa-Day can be any day for you!


The Phoenix Massage Gun is explicitly built to reduce the amount of noise emitted by the motor, ensuring that your therapy or relaxation sessions go uninterrupted.

The Phoenix Massage Gun also has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, so your massage sessions aren't cut short due to a lack of power. With three massage levels, you can confidently pick and choose the desired intensity that works for you.


Imagine being able to come home and be able to relax your body, reduce your stress levels, and help your body heal faster and prevent future muscle and joint pain.

1x Phoenix Massage Gun
1x Small Round Massage Ball(For Small muscle recovery)
1x Spiral Head(For joints)
1x Fork Leg Tip(For spine massage)
1x Flat Head(For the whole Body)
1x Li-ion Battery
1x Power Charger
1x User Manual



Like any health-related item, improper use may be harmful.

If you have any questions or concerns about using this product, please consult a medical professional to see if this massage gun is right for you.