Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion



This Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion is an incredibly comfortable and appealing place for your pet to get some rest.

Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion - JD Odds & Ends

The Fuzzy Pet Cushion is made with super-soft long plush; your pet will love how soft and comfortable this bed is anytime they need to take some beauty sleep after a long day of playing and running around!

Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion - JD Odds & Ends

Pet parents also love this fuzzy pet cushion due to how incredibly easy it is to clean and maintain stink-free!

Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion - JD Odds & Ends

This Pet Cushion also comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit any pet, no matter how big or small they are. 

Adorable Fuzzy Pet Cushion - JD Odds & Ends

Questions & Concerns:

My rescue suffers from a lot of anxiety and stress, will these beds help with his sleep?

  • Yes, it has been observed that the shape of this bed, combined with the fur and warmth, improves a pet's sleeping pattern and mood due triggering a relaxing feeling that is linked to cuddling with their mothers or being inside the womb during their early years when sleeping on this bed. 

I have a big dog, will he fit in one of these?

  • These beds are deceptively big, and if your dog tends to curl up to sleep, we have seen big breeds like Boxers, some Terriers, and Golden Retrievers fit comfortably on theirs.

I want one, but I fear that my pet will just tear it up!

  • Not to worry, this is a common concern. These beds are made with high-durability fibers that are designed to withstand excessive wear and tear from scratching, biting and clawing. 
    That being said, some pets (Like my miniature schnauzer named "Apollo") will just tear through anything 🤣🤣

Will this bed be safe for our small puppy?

  • Yes, this bed is appropriate for any-sized cat or dog, plus due to the design of this bed, we have found that our pets are getting a deeper and more comfortable sleep. Some people say that the bed recreates a womb-like environment that naturally soothes our animals.

Can I get a large bed to use for two small pets?

  • The more the merrier we say! Animals are just as social as we are, and the bonding created by sleeping together only increases the happiness of your pets and reduces their stress levels.

Material: Long Plush
Small Diameter: 40 cm/ 15.7 In
Medium Diameter: 50 cm/ 19.6 In
Large Diameter: 60 cm/ 23.6 In
XLarge Diameter: 70 cm/ 27.5 In