Handy Sink Strainer Cubby



This Handy Sink Strainer Cubby will change the way you wash your dishes forever! No more scooping gunk out of the in-sink strainer that just clogs fast and floats when the water raises.

This sink cubby has a built-in strainer that lets you pour all the food leftovers on it so you can do your dishes with ease.

You can also use this cubby as a fruit and veggie washer, easily separating what you want to keep, and washing away what you don't!

Common Questions & Answers:

How is this any better than my $1.00 metal strainer that goes in the drain?

  • While the usual strainer has been in our kitchens forever, we all know that they aren't very effective when it comes to food preparation or filtering large amounts of food before needing to be cleaned. This strainer sits out of the way, has a large capacity and doesn't build bacteria like the in-sink strainers do.

How much food or trash can it hold?

  • You can comfortably fit about 2 whole red apples or a whole pack of grapes and still have some space leftover.

How do I install it? Do I need tools?

  • Installation is super easy, no tools needed. Just place the suction cups on your clean countertop and firmly press. Removal is just as simple!