Orthopedic Shoulder Healing Brace

Does your shoulder pain leave you feeling incapable, vulnerable, and paralyzed?

Our Orthopedic Shoulder Healing Brace is the superior choice for you! 

  • RELIEVES SHOULDER PAIN: Our highly-effective shoulder brace compresses just the right spots to relieve your shoulder pain.
  • ACCELERATES HEALING: Designed to promote a healthy recovery, this brace focuses and increases the blood flow to your shoulder, reducing the time it takes to heal from surgery or an injury.
  • SUITABLE FOR DAILY WEAR: Comfortably fits under your regular clothes, so you can still be productive while you return to your healthy life.
  • RESTORES SHOULDER FUNCTION:  Ideal for injuries like strains, sprains, or rotator cuff injuries, this brace will support you in your daily life!


Imagine being able to wake up one day and having your old life back before you injured your shoulder.

Being able to play some ball, lift some weights, or simply being able to put on your shirt.

Our Shoulder Healing Brace can make this possible when used in combination with proper physical therapy and medication.


  1. Do not bleach. 
  2. Hand Or Machine Washable. 
  3. Cold wash only, do not place in dryer.
  4. Air Dry Only.  
  5. To reduce odor, please wash after receiving and air dry.  
 *Please note - if you are suffering from a severe injury or have concerns about wearing this product, please seek medical advice.